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What are the new boating safety regulations?
New boating safety regulations have been introduced by the federal government to help reduce the number of boating fatalities and accidents that occur each year. Highlights of the changes include the introduction of:
  • minimum age limits for operating power boats above 10 horsepower and personal water craft;
  • mandatory operator competency requirements, being phased in over 10 years, for operators of powered boats used for recreational purposes; and
  • new minimum safety equipment and operation standards affecting all boats
The new focal point for recreational boating safety information is Transport Canada's Office of Boating Safety.
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I just bought a boat. What are some of the things I need to know about boating in Ontario?

Before heading out, you need to know the laws, regulations and local rules. These generally include: collision regulations, small vessel regulations, local rules concerning safe speeds, vessel separation/right of way, and key laws that apply to the operation of all vessels, regardless of size. In addition, there are criminal code laws concerning impaired or dangerous driving and other activities.

To navigate safely, you should know and understand many things. For example: Canadian buoyage system, the use of marine charts, compasses, navigation lights and signals, plotting courses, positioning methods, navigational references such as notices to mariners, sailing directions and the use of electronic navigational equipment.

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How do I register my boat and where do I obtain application forms for licensing?

You must contact Revenue Canada, Customs and Excise to license your boat since this falls under the jurisdiction of the federal government. Please call 1-800-461-9999 for more information. Addresses and telephone numbers of Revenue Canada, Customs and Excise in your area may be found in the Blue Pages of your telephone directory.

For information on Safe Boating, please visit Transport Canada's Office of Boating Safety.

Please see Transport Canada for more information on boating legislation.

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